Retirement Planning

woman-advisor-with-couple.jpgTo better serve our clients, we have added a comprehensive action plan for protecting your IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement plans at no cost

Our retirement planning services will provide you and your family with the following:

  • Retirement Road Map
  • Proper Distribution Planning
  • Beneficiary Review
  • Custodial Review
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Multi-Generational Strategy
  • Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Wealth Protection Services

These new services are all complimentary so there is no reason not to take advantage of these indispensable planning solutions! At RE-MMAP, we will do our best to make sure you have the opportunity to maximize your retirement by mitigating the heavy, immediate and unnecessary taxation that can befall your retirement accounts.

Contact RE-MMAP today at 561-623-0241 for your FREE retirement review. You have worked hard to build your nest egg, let us help you protect it!


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